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ü Increase efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of key leaders

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ü Grow individual awareness

ü Add authenticity, clarity and compassion to mix

ü Maximize impact starting with top management

ü Generate bottom-line value

ü Leverage your team to accomplish your goals


Leadership Coaching — A Message to the CEO


The Kamis Group is an executive coaching and leadership development resource.   We partner with top management to support change and help guide their teams to achieve their full potential through a process of goal setting and personal accountability. 


Coaching, by definition, is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals to maximize their professional and personal lives.  Coaching improves employee efficiency and effectiveness while increasing motivation and enthusiasm.  It builds teams and improves performance.  Coaching does this more effectively than traditional training because it is aligned with how people actually learn, change and grow.   


Coaching is a better way to accomplish change and develop leadership talent than traditional training.  In business today, numerous choices exist for developing leadership talent.  Traditional training relies on focused effort to generate change.  When a key employee tries to behave differently, they can only maintain new behaviors with continuous and conscious effort.  Energy applied here is not available elsewhere.  Modifications are achieved by force.  As a result, they typically don’t alter the underlying causes and spur real growth.  Further, when stress arises or motivation fades, old ways resurface. 


Coaching is different.  It focuses on interpersonal skills and self-awareness.  Through the coaching process, executives come to understand why they behave as they do and how their beliefs drive their actions.  Leaders can then change and grow because they see the cause and the benefit.  Change is easier as awareness causes most unproductive behaviors to simply fall away.   Such transformation is tenacious and results in more meaningful and lasting change. 


Coaching also gets leaders to the next level in their performance and careers.  Surprisingly, the skills required to advance are not those that got them where they are now.   At the most senior levels, functional skills are prerequisite and usually sound.  Instead, it is interpersonal skills that make the most difference for future success.  Coaching Improves interpersonal skills and strengthens relationships by helping leaders gain the awareness, compassion and wisdom necessary to raise their performance and reach their goals.


Investing in senior leadership provides the best returns.  High potential personnel have the largest span of influence and can impact the whole organization most efficiently.  Their attitudes and behaviors spill over directly into corporate culture and the bottom line.  As a result, executive coaching process is an invaluable tool and plays an important role in any leadership development program. 






Top Reasons to Hire an Executive Coach


1. SUCCESS:  You can’t solve tomorrow’s issues with yesterday’s strategies.  An experienced Executive Coach helps you develop the capacity to handle the increased complexity of our world.  The Coach challenges and stretches you while supporting and encouraging.  The Coach provides inspiration to take on even greater challenges and holds you accountable to deliver results.

2. TIME:  The Coach is trained to help you identify what’s necessary and truly important to achieve success.  Leveraging your time is critical.  Timely, focused coaching sessions move you forward quickly.

3. BALANCE:  The pressures of juggling work and life are always present.  Quality executive coaching facilitates your choices and establishes a plan to achieve balance in line with your priorities so you can be more efficient and effective.

4. AWARENESS:  A good Executive Coach helps you develop self-awareness, exploring your mental models and how you make sense of the world.  They help you understand the impact of your words and actions on others – especially your blind spots.  Blind spots (we all have them) can be seriously limiting in business.  You can’t move beyond your current situation until you recognize how you created it.  A Coach can expand your awareness and help you grow.

5. GROWTH:  A Coach guides you to integrate what you already know and what you have learned into better, more productive behaviors and habits.  Coaching accomplishes this by exploring the underlying beliefs that drive behavior.

6. INTEGRITY:  People look for integrity in their leaders.  Executive Coaches help you be congruent and live and work in alignment with your values.  A coach can help you become an integrated, whole person so you can be true to yourself, authentic in your life and truly successful.  Coaching enhances your ability to inspire others and to lead.

7. PURPOSE:  Knowing what you want and how you are going to achieve it are fundamental to achieving success.  Clarity of purpose makes explicit the reasons you do what you do in your business and/or life.  Coaching guides you to your real motives and allows you to craft a strategy to accomplish what you really want.

8. COMMUNICATION:  Getting your message and ideas across and being able to draw the information you need from others is critical to your success.  Effective communication is the foundation to healthy relationships.  An Executive Coach can help you develop your communication skills – be it speaking, listening, compassion or empathy – to get the relationships you desire.

9. A PLAN:  A personal and professional development plan acts as a guide to increase your capacity and competence at work and in life.  With a plan and an Executive Coach you greatly increase your chances of achieving success.

10. SPACE:  Many leaders and business people do not have any place where they can test, explore, take risks and receive pushback on issues critical to their growth and success.  The coaching process hinges on creating the right environment of learning and openness.  This is “coaching space” – a confidential, secure place where clarity, insight and progress happen.

11. SAFETY:  Unconditional acceptance is fundamental to establishing trust and creating a safe environment allowing you to more clearly reveal and be yourself.  Coaches accept you for who you are, without apology, explanation or judgment.  In coaching, nothing is taboo.  Being understood in an atmosphere of trust allows you to take greater risks and grow faster. 

12. TRUTH:  A Coach doesn’t know your truth but they will help you find it.  A Coach doesn’t know what is right or best for you but they will help you determine that for yourself.  A Coach doesn’t want to change you but will they will help you change to achieve your goals.





Coaching for Executives and Leaders


Executive coaching is a powerful process that can allow you to accomplish more, succeed faster and enjoy it more.  It is an opportunity for personal expansion and transformation.  It can speed you toward your goals and assists you in working through challenges and overcoming obstacles.  A confidential process, coaching increases the likelihood of your success both professionally and personally.


Professionally, the skills that achieved your current level of career success probably aren’t the ones needed to maximize forward progress.  Leadership today increasingly requires vision, wisdom and understanding to generate effective interpersonal skills and healthy relationships.  Such fresh insight starts with a solid understanding of yourself.


Executive coaching will help you understand why you behave the way you do.  Beliefs that once served you well may now be holding you back.  Improve your awareness and you improve your understanding of yourself and others.  Coaching will help you build stronger, more authentic relationships.  It will increase your effectiveness and productivity ultimately making you a better leader and more successful.


Personally, coaching benefits carry over into all other areas of life.  Coaching leads to a happier, more fulfilling and meaningful life at work and at home.


Through many time-honored and proven techniques, the co-creative process of coaching leverages your personal wisdom.  Only you know what is best for you.  On this expedition of personal growth, the direction and pace are set by you.  Your executive coach is your guide and partner, friend and confidant.   Dare to succeed.









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