Aspects of Success

A Playbook to Get More Out of Life

Aspects of Success is designed to help you live a more rewarding and gratifying life.  Based on scientific research, leadership philosophy, and spiritual wisdom, in combination with four decades of personal exploration, this comprehensive playbook is the perfect guide to achieve a well-lived life, one full of success and accomplishment.  As Jesus said, "My purpose is to give (you) a rich and satisfying life,” one where “your joy will overflow.”  Yet many people do not know how to fully capture this promise.


To achieve success, you are required to do four things: to think well, make plans, take action, and embrace life.  These aspects can be thought of as your King, Wizard, Warrior, and Monk, representing your mind, spirit, heart, and soul, respectively.


Aspects of Success Aspects of Success offers concrete methods and practical tools that leverage your own intuition and intelligence.  Presented in a playbook format, you will draw on wisdom gained from a wide range of exercises specifically designed to help you craft a personal, customized plan to live more successfully.  The end result is peace, satisfaction, and happiness as you create your ideal life.


The Four Aspects 


My research has identified four primary dimensions of self that are consistently well-developed and strong in highly successful people. First, they think well and make good decisions. Second, they allow themselves a creative outlet where they craft their dreams. Third, they are unafraid to take well-considered action, even when risky. Fourth, they don’t force life, but rather allow, appreciate, and enjoy it. Collectively, their success is achieved through developing a strong mind, being creative, taking action, and embracing an appreciative and compassionate spirit. These behaviors can be thought of as four distinct dimensions of self—the King, Wizard, Warrior, and Monk representing the mind, spirit, heart, and soul respectively. Each aspect represents an essential power that resides in every one of us. Anyone can be successful. Victory is a result of developing the fours aspects of success. Together, a wise King, an inspired Wizard, a strong Warrior, and a contented Monk will help you achieve your goals and accomplish your dreams. Master each aspect and  success will be inevitable.

About the Author


Russ Kamis is an actualization strategist with a Masters of Management in strategy and a Ph.D. concentrated in positive psychology—the science of well-being.  A certified  life coach, experienced motivational speaker, seasoned retreat facilitator, and accomplished C.E.O., Russ partners with organizations to enhance teamwork, identify opportunities, navigate transitions, and improve performance, all in a positive atmosphere.  Through a mix of psychological insight, personal development, and strategic counsel, Russ also guides individuals to achieve success by bridging the gap from where they are to where they want to be.


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Your Best Opportunity:


Success requires all four aspects of success—the King, Wizard, Warrior, and Monk—to be engaged, healthy, and productive. Your King, Wizard, Warrior, and Monk must all be mature, each able to act independently and work synergistically with the other. When an aspect is immature or weak, it solicits overcompensation from the other aspects. Conversely, when an aspect is inflated or over-relied upon, it detracts from effectively engaging with the other aspects. A lack of development within any one aspect or an imbalance between them is what stands in the way of achievement. 


To get a sense of your best opportunity, look at the Deflated and Inflated Aspects image to the left. Identify which attributes best describe you. Are there commonalities among any one aspect or row. Are you concentrated in either an inflated or deflated state? It is in these areas that the secret to more success in your life resides.  Aspects of Success details specific behaviors that will help to improve each aspect  and, thereby, position you for increased personal and professional success.


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Aspects of Success Quotes:


“Every adversity is an opportunity or an issue, depending on how you see it and what you do with it.”


“Live life on purpose.”


"Keep walking toward your goals, and they will come into view.”


“People who are willing to take responsibility, quickly shift from helpless victims to active achievers.”


“Tomorrow is shaped by choosing who you are today.”


“A wishbone and a backbone are essential to success.”


“Small changes have a dramatic impact over time.”


“Choice is your birthright; good choices are your responsibility.”


“You can always change course, but, to do so, you must be going somewhere.”


“Few things are more valuable than an investment in you.”


“People unintentionally choose acceptable lives when great ones are available for the taking.”


“If you want to change any facet of your life, start by examining what you believe.


“You are the sole author of your story; it is yours to edit as you like.”


“You can only achieve what you can perceive.”








“Awareness is the child of consciousness and the father of every success.”


“People who procrastinate inadvertently give away their personal power.”


“People who follow their spirits are the wealthiest among us. 

Money is a useful servant, but it is an evil master and a pitiful god.”


“Overly-specific goals make life’s gateway narrow and passage less likely, while spirit-based goals blast the road canyon-wide.”


“People tend to overestimate what can be done in a day, but grossly underestimate what can be done in a month, year, or lifetime.”


“Visualize your victory to secure it.”


“We all carry beliefs that stand in the gap between where we are and what we want to accomplish.”


“Emotions are the result of beliefs bumping up against reality.”


“You go where you are looking and you see what you expect.”


“Events are neither positive nor negative until you attribute meaning to them.”


“Don’t settle for what is readily achievable.”


“Goals commit your spirit to action.”


“By actively reflecting on your goals each and every day, you gain clarity about what you are striving toward and living for.”


“To succeed you must optimize the way you think.”


“To solve any problem, the most important step is to own it.”


“Negative feelings indicate that some part of our thinking process is ineffective and not serving us properly.”


“By taking charge of your beliefs, you clear a path for success and happiness to flow into your life.”


“Your thinking directs your life.”


“Change enlightened through understanding is more likely to happen.”


“Control your thinking and the world is yours. “


“Adversity is not the problem, the beliefs you choose about it are.”


“It is within your ability to control how you feel.”


“Living in a state of flow is indicative of a heart at play.”


“To live fully, pursue what interests and excites you.”


“The direction you head makes all the difference.”


“Achievement comes from opportunity pursued.”


“The bigger your wish, the more that can be accomplished; the clearer your vision, the faster it can be realized.”


“A plan is but an about-to-be-captured dream.”


“Plans are harbingers of dreams realized. “


“Lacking a plan, you will end up wherever you are headed.”


“Holding a mental picture is the synergistic sister to drafting a plan.”


“Visualization is the portal to success.”


“Hold a vision long enough and you compel it to materialize.”


“The foundation of every success lies in the image held beforehand. “


“Dream pursuit is how you avoid regrets.”


“Action builds momentum generating positive inertia toward goal attainment.”

“One way or another, you allot your daily energy to something. It is the effectiveness of this expenditure that matters.


Accomplished people play at work and work at play.


Everyone has the same amount of time; successful people simply use it better.


Experiencing well-being, or happiness, in life is the result of striving for something beyond that which benefits you alone.


Fear ends where faith starts.


By waiting for someday, happiness becomes unattainable in the present


“By writing goals, you give them life, preordaining your desires to manifest.”


“The successful life is one of action.”


“Progress is the product of effort focused.”


“Consistently take smart action toward your goals without knowing how they will ultimately be accomplished.”


“Embracing change, rather than avoiding it, is critical to living successfully.”


“Your attitude affects every aspect of your life.”


“One way to reduce worry is to feed it less.”


“A shift toward a more positive, thankful existence is true success.”


“Together, the past and future detract from the joy that is possible now.”


“Seize every chance to capture the opportunity that resides in the common day.”


“It is a practical truth that, to achieve, you must do.”


“Failure is a resource—a valuable indicator of how to next proceed.”


“There is no reason for anyone to work with more gusto than you.”


“Successful time management is the art of doing the right things first.”


“Master time, and life will serve you.”


“To get the most out of life, stand guard against distraction.”


“Every diversion reduces productivity.”


“It is often advantageous to be a responsible quitter.”


“When you can no longer satisfactorily change your state of affairs, you are challenged to dig deep and change yourself.”


“To capture real success, view your purpose as one of service.”


“Optimists are not blind to the donut around the hole.”


“Your words are the seeds of your future harvest.”


“Words reveal your underlying desires, expectations, and beliefs, influencing what you achieve.”


“True failure is impossible as every outcome contains within it seeds of possibility.”


“The truth is that you are talented, beautiful, and able beyond your imagination. You are a sliver of the divine and the result of love incarnate. Yet, your thinking can stand in the way of your magnificence.”


“To change your life, you must change how you see it.”


“Allow life to surprise you. The universe has more alternatives, options, possibilities, and opportunities than you could ever imagine.”


“Expect life to be better than planned.”


“Avoid living life too seriously.”


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